Topps Match Attax Rookie Stars to All-Stars #213 - 216

Rookie Card; A rookie card is a trading card that is the first to feature an athlete that has participated in the highest level of competition within his or her sport. Collectors may value these first appearances more than subsequent card issues

Every week we showcase some of the biggest names in football with some of the earliest card releases to more modern day collections

213. Lucas Hernández – FC Bayern München

#27 MA UCL 18/19 #104 MA '101' 18/19 #177 MA 19/20 #293 MA Bund 21/22

214. Ander Herrera – Paris Saint-Germain

#195 MA 14/15 #MA21 MA Ex 16/17 #PSG16 MA UCL 19/20 (Int) #145 MA 21/22

#215. Saša Kalajdžic – VfB Stuttgart

#311 MA Bund 20/21 #4 MA Bund Hero 20/21 Pack 3 #323 MA Bund 21/22 #AU-SK MA Bund 21/22

#216. André Silva – RB Leipzig

#POR16 MA UCL 16/17 #OD9 MA Bund On Demand 19/20 #633 MA Bund Ex 19/20 #3 MA Bund Hero 21/22 Pack 6

If there's a player you want to see featured then email me at and I will be happy to add your chosen player to the collection

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